Just some cat photos

Wed, Apr 19, 2023 tags: [ revuenon55 ]

I’ve recently had the privilege of meeting several lovely cats who agreed to have their photos taken (at least that’s how I interpreted their behavior).

All photos except for the last one were taken with my Auto Revuenon f/1.4 55mm lens.

Uediker Büsi ----

This Dorito-colored cat visited my garden a few days ago. We’d been acquainted already when it came out of its house (in my neighborhood) to get a pat on the head one night.

The Fluffiest (Location) ----

This queen (?) and her king (?) below greeted me while walking around in the neighborhood some time ago. I don’t think I’d seen such fluffy cats before; they were very friendly and lounged on the pavement for me to conveniently take their photos.

The Fluffiest Lion (Location) ----

Cyclist's Cat (Location)

Bonus cat, bad phone photo: Sitting in the middle of the street on my commute home, I just had to stop and take a closer look. Wasting no time, it walked towards me to ask for some cuddles. For some reason, Swiss cats are the friendliest cats I’ve seen anywhere! However, an awkward situation: talking to the cat when a dog walker came down the street – I left the scene quickly.

Update: A few days later, I met her (?) again on the way home, carrying a broken yoghurt cup home from the supermarket. It attracted her interest.

More cuddles demanded (Location)
Only selfie mode could tame this dynamic cat. Sometimes (Location)

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