Light at Night

Sun, May 16, 2021

One of my favorite kind of scenes is nightly cities. Recently this has become a bit more difficult due to the nightly curfews – but as more people are becoming vaccinated, I hope to soon be able to take photos at night again.

The two most important elements in my mind are a stabilizer in your camera or lens, and a bright lens: f/1.8 is ok, f/1.4 is good. Then you don’t even need a tripod.

The following couple pictures were all taken in Berlin.

Some colorful neon lights mounted on trees. This was taken in Friedrichstraße.

Restaurants love colorful light chains. I do, too.

Waiting for green? At least the red one looks interesting on a photo!

Jever + Coke. Not my combo, at least for drinking. For photographing, it’s fine, I guess?

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