Hi there! – I’m Lewin, proud owner of this little website.

Born in 1996, I joined Google in Zürich (Switzerland) after finishing high school, and worked for four years as a Systems Engineer in Site Reliability Engineering (sre.google). There, I took care of Google Docs, Google Drive, and later, Borg – the global computing grid that all of Google runs on. I managed to be promoted to Senior Systems Engineer within that time, and while it was my dream job, I left it in 2018 – to fulfill my long-held dream of studying physics.

Since then, I’ve been doing just that. At RWTH Aachen, in the very west of Germany, I’ve enjoyed not only a challenging education, but also a multi-disciplinary environment, allowing me to work on projects like robotics software (at IGMR), literal Space Lasers (MERLIN, at Fraunhofer ILT), and teaching Python to other students. Most recently, I worked in Prof. Goettsche’s group on Nuclear Verification and Disarmament (NVD), where I extended my bachelor’s thesis and investigated the applicability of Automatic Differentiation (AD) for simulation applications in nuclear weapons & peace research.

I am a member of jDPG (young German Physical Society), and have the honor of receiving a scholarship from the Studienstiftung, the most prestigious and selective German scholarship program.

My main occupation is being a student, and I’m enrolled in the Physics master’s program at RWTH Aachen. I am taking the Nanoelectronics track, combining condensed matter physics with information technology; among the subjects are Condensed Matter Physics, Novel Materials and Devices in Information Technology, Oxidic Thin Films for Information Technology, and more. Furthermore, I’m enrolled in the Economics master’s program with a focus on Operations Research, a very fascinating topic I hope to enter more deeply.

In 2022, I’ve spent half of the year in sunny California at UC Davis. This stay is funded by the Studienstiftung.

Starting October 2022, I’m working on my master’s thesis on Silicon Integrated Photonics for WDM in Cryogenic Environments under Prof. Leuthold (ETHZ) and Prof. Barends (FZJ) at ETH Zürich, which will take about a year. I’m very glad that I’ve managed to find a thesis in photonics, one of my main interests at the moment.